Our Containers

Mobile Attic provides convenient and quality solutions to all your storage concerns. Our containers are uniquely designed to be weather resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing. Mobile Attics are constructed unlike any other portable storage container. With an aluminum skin roof covering slightly arched, steel bows, our containers ensure strength against the elements. Because of the slight arch, you don’t have to worry about water (rain or melted snow) collecting on the roof.

The side panels are aluminum sheet and post (exterior) with plastic inserts to protect the interior of the walls and to provide insulation. The floor is an aluminum track floor, sturdily supported by a steel under-frame to ensure strength. This extra support allows you to store heavy items (up to 6000lbs.), without fear of the bottom falling through.

Finally, our boxes are equipped with a secure strapping system throughout the container. This system allows you to secure everything in place, to better protect your belongings.

8’ X 16” Containers: $169 monthly

8’ X 20” Containers: $209 monthly (can not be used for relocating)

Packaging & Supplies

We offer supplies that are specially designed to use with our containers.

Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets

$2 each or $20 per dozen monthly rental
$19.95 each to purchase

Stainless Steel Disc Padlock

Stainless Steel Disc Padlock

$10.00 (purchase only)

Ratchet Straps with E-track Connections

Ratchet Straps with E-track Connections

$2 each or $20 per dozen monthly rental
$19.95 each to purchase

Authorized Alabama dealer of Redneck Blinds

6x8 Game Changer 360 Crossover Blind Only


6x7 Big Country 360 Crossover Blind Only


6x6 Buck Palace 360 Crossover Blind Only


5x6 Predator 360 Crossover Blind Only


5 FT STAND $849.99.99
10 FT STAND $1099.99
15 FT STAND $1674.98

5X6 Stalker 360 Gun Blind Only


5X5 Trophy Tower Crossover Blind



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