Mobile Attic

We currently have over 300 storage units available to service all of North AL.  We have 16’ and 20’ units ranging in price from $169-$209 monthly. Our units are used by homeowners, contractors, business and retail. There are many different uses for our containers. For example, people selling their home(needing to declutter), people relocating, restoration jobs such as smoke, fire, or water damage, contractors, new construction, disasters, college students coming home for summer break needing extra space to store their stuff, businesses needing extra space for extra inventory, remodeling, and just about anything else you can think of where extra space is needed.

Our units are loaded at a slight angle, no more than 35 degrees when loading and unloading .This is no more than many hills that are traveled on the highways .As added protection in our units, we have an etrack system where strapping can be placed just about anywhere in the container to help keep those heavier items in place during a move. We have spaces available to store items at our location. We provide a secure area equipped with security cameras 24/7.

We strive to offer the best product at the best price along with the best service. We always try to listen to our customers’ needs and respond to those needs on a timely basis .We answer our phone locally with a real live person that you may communicate with. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have and to work with you on any special needs.

We have supplied units to help with various charitable projects.  We work closely with local fire departments during their annual garage sales, local food drives, Eagle Scout projects, local churches, Muscular Dystrophy runs, and local school systems.We have also helped to raise approximately $65,000 over a two year period to help the Quinn’s Ranch Boys Home in Red Bay, AL.

We proudly support our military by offering a discount to all active and retired military.

We were proud to say that even during disasters; we did not raise our rates to take advantage of people that had no choice. We purchased extra units to help to meet the demand. We strive to be a courteous, friendly, and prompt company and will do our best to meet the customer’s needs in a timely manner.

Mobile Attic Pricing

8’ X 16” Containers

8’ X 16” Containers

$169 monthly

8’ X 20” Containers

8’ X 20” Containers

$209 monthly

Can not be relocated loaded.

Delivery and Pick Up Rates vary based on location. Please contact us a 256-216-0237 for details.


15757 US Hwy 72W, Suite B
Athens, Alabama 35611

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