Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is my Mobile Attic container transported?

A: Our professional drivers will place your storage container on a standard rollback truck and deliver the container wherever you direct them. There is a slight slope when loading the container, approximately a 35 degree angle.  This is not any more than some hills that are on our roadways.  This is also why we offer endless strapping options within the container allowing items to be safely secured within the container.

Q: Is there a way for me to secure my items within the container?

A: Yes, our units are equipped with the "E" tracking system allowing for endless options for securing your items.

Q: Can I keep the Mobile Attic container at my place?

A: Yes, that is one of the many benefits of using the Mobile Attic storage system.  We offer the value of true convenience.

Q: Is there an additional cost for having Mobile Attic store the container for us?

A: There is an additional fee for relocating the loaded container to our facility and also for returning it to you.  That cost is based on the distance it is moved.  Be sure to call us and we can give you the specific cost based on your location.

Q: What size containers are available?

A:8x16, and 8x20.  Currently the only size available for relocating after being loaded are the 8x16 containers.

Q: What size containers are available?How much will and 8x16 container hold?

A: On average, a 3 bedroom, 1500 square foot home.  Of course, that will depend on how much "stuff" you have in that square footage and how tightly the container is packed.

Q: Should I be worried about controlling the temperature within my container?

A: No. According to George Read in his “Art & Antique Quiz” in the May 2003 issue of House Beautiful the customer has confused temperature and humidity. It is changes in the latter that cause both shrinkage and swelling. Humidity can easily be controlled by placing an inexpensive humidity control product in the storage container. These products can help protect your belongings from the damaging effects of moisture.

Q: Does home owner’s insurance cover the cost of renting a portable storage unit in the event of a disaster such as flooding or fire?

A: In most cases, yes. It is best to contact your local insurance agent for policy details and your specific coverage criteria.

Q: Will I have to deal with an automated system when I call Mobile Attic?

A: No, we take pride in the fact that we answer our own phones and speak to you directly about your wants and needs. 


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